Make Your Furniture Live Longer
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Make Your Furniture Live Longer
Article Introduction
If a house is compared to a body then the furniture of the house can be called its soul. After the house, its the furniture on which a person invests most of his money. Good furniture reflects the personality of its owner and is always appreciated. So proper maintenance of your furniture becomes as important as maintenance of your house.

Article Description
Here are some tips on maintaining your furniture to keep them in top condition so they will last you for decades.

Leather furniture
- If you have leather furniture with a small cut in it, fix it immediately with contact cement. Its invisible and will help restore the integrity of your leather so it doesnt tear further.
- Clean your leather furniture often with a damp cloth and on a regular basis (at least once a month) with leather care products. This will help seal it and protect it against spills.
- The headrest on tall chairs is often an overlooked area of leather furniture. Hair products like hairspray and gel transfer from the hair onto the chair causing it to crack if you do not clean it off.

Cloth covered furniture
- Be sure to vacuum your upholstery regularly and turn the cushions so that they will wear evenly.
- Keep cloth covered furniture out of direct sunlight to keep it from fading.
- If you find that your cloth covered furniture is getting old and worn out, consider getting the old furniture reupholstered, instead of investing in new furniture. This will give it a new look and maybe be the catalyst for the living room makeover youve always wanted!

Wood furniture
- Clean wood with a clean, dry cloth.
- Treat finished wood regularly with a special wood cleaning/polishing product.
- Buy a small can of sealant to reseal nicks and scratches that will happen over time.

Your furniture is an investment in your home and in the enjoyment of your house. Keep your furniture looking beautiful with these tips and you will get years of use out of them.
Posted : 10/21/2005

Make Your Furniture Live Longer