Hear the ACCIDENT before it takes place
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Hear the ACCIDENT before it takes place
Article Introduction
The advent of science and technology has enabled us to recognize and judge the intensity of an accident even before it takes place.

Article Description
You often must have come across the board that says Drive Safely and you often must have smiled after reading it. Its so ironical that even after giving continuous reminders to the drivers to drive safely, the number of accidents taking place does not reduce. Although safe driving can diminish the number of accidents but it cannot completely ensure no accidents. Certainly not as long as the cars that we drive, take the controls from the driver and use its own brain to handle the accident and come out of it safely. But as we all know, cars do not have brains!

Today science and technology has come a long way. The invention of seat belt tensioners and a number of different airbags have enabled these electronics to reduce the consequences of the accident to a minimum for the vehicles passengers. These electronics activate the protective functions quickly. In the present day, acceleration censors are used to recognise an accident and pressure censors are built into the automobiles for a quick reaction to the side impact.

Siemens VDO Automotive AG has been a regular supplier of crash sensors to almost all car manufacturers the world over since 1996. Now is has come up with a new sensor that monitors the vibrations in the vehicles chassis. The censor has the ability to hear and assess the accident in just a few milliseconds. As a result, the airbag control unit triggers the seatbelt tensioners and the necessary airbags in order to protect the passengers.

This Crash Impact Sound Sensor (CISS), which can hear and assess the gravity of an accident, will work together with the air bag control unit. This new system will be introduced from 2007. The CISS works on the principle that the impact of an accident depends on the deformation of the vehicle. Engineers have concluded that vehicle deformation depends on the seriousness and type of accident and leads to different impact sound waves. Together with the acceleration signals, these deformation noises produce a precise image of the accident and allow restraint systems to be triggered individually.

CISS will be fitted as additional sensors for the first time in 2007. Siemens VDO is also planning to integrate the sensor in the airbag control unit so that the transmission of information within the vehicle and the installation of the safety system can progress even more quickly. It is working on enhancing the vision of the "seeing automobile" thus preventing the accidents in advance.
Posted : 10/21/2005

Hear the ACCIDENT before it takes place