Manufacturing Management And Accounting System
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Manufacturing Management And Accounting System
Article Introduction
This article is about an integrated manufacturing and accounting system on microsoft access 97, sql server and windows nt which is called rp 9000. Mrp 9000 takes advantage of the tremendous power and the state-of-the-art technology provided for industry by microsoft corporation. This system utilizes the basic cycles of manufacturing, including inventory, sell, plan, make and buy along with a complete general ledger, an administration cycle, and a graphical executive information to create a total solution for discrete manufacturers. The options of mrp9000 are shop floor control, return material authorization (rma), engineering change order (eco), quoting, location/lot tracking

Article Description
MRP 9000 is a complete ERP/MRPII system with integrated manufacturing and accounting functions following the basic APICS principles of MRP philosophy, offered by Bunka Orient India (BOI), a subsidiary of Bunka Orient Corporation, Japan. RP 9000 is a manufacturing management and accounting system on Microsoft Access 97, SQL Server and Windows NT. This is a complete ERP/MRPII system with integrated manufacturing and accounting functions, which follows the basic APICS principles of MRP philosophy. MRP 9000 was designed by professionals of Bunka Orient India (BOI), with years of experience in manufacturing and software development. Customer-based design-review boards continue to guide the on-going development of MRP 9000, to ensure that the software meets the continually changing needs of todays discrete manufacturers. Built to run exclusively on Microsoft products, MRP 9000 takes advantage of the tremendous power and the state-of-the-art technology provided for industry by Microsoft Corporation. The functionality and graphical technology of Access, the robust nature of SQL Server, and the sheer power of Windows NT combine to provide the most advanced automation solution for the manufacturing marketplace. MRP 9000 is specifically designed and priced for the small to mid-sized discrete manufacturer. Tremendous flexibility and ease of use has made MRP 9000 the system of choice for small to mid-range discrete manufacturers in todays highly competitive marketplace.

This system utilises the basic cycles of manufacturing, including inventory, sell, plan, make and buy along with a complete general ledger, an administration cycle, and a graphical executive information to create a total solution for discrete manufacturers. For companies that need additional features, IMS, Inc offers several optional modules. These include shop floor control, physical inventory, return material authorisation, engineering change order, quoting and location/lot tracking, etc. These options are sold separately; however, they operate as part of the base system, seamlessly integrating with all MRP 9000 functions.

Executive information system: The Executive Information System (EIS) allows executives to see critical information graphically and at a glance. Multiple viewing and printing options are available and reports may be printed directly to cover overheads. EIS is a critical management tool that allows users to visualise up-to-date minute company status in one quick and easy-to-read reference.
General ledger: The general ledger is fully integrated with all MRP 9000 cycles. General ledger transactions are created throughout the system, and are posted to the GL. It provides complete reporting, as well as standard GL functionality.
Inventory: The inventory cycle integrates to all other cycles in the system, updating automatically with each inventory transaction. The inventory cycle allows for complete visibility into the current, past and future inventory status of each item and its value.
Sell: The sell cycle incorporates all aspects of customer maintenance, sales order processing, shipping, invoicing and accounts receivable processes. Total integration with both the quoting option and the return material authorisation option makes the sell cycle a complete maintenance cycle.
Plan: The plan cycle maintains unlimited levels of bills of material and performs MRP processing. The MRP section also supports all of the necessary reports and information to help you get the most out of the data that MRP processes.
Make: The make cycle begins with information generated from MRP, and continues through the full manufacturing cycle from work order entry through complete job costing. This cycle is fully integrated to the Shop Floor Control option to provide you with complete shop status and labour and attendance capabilities.
Buy: The buy cycle is a complete purchasing module that receives information from the plan cycle, and continues from the placing of actual orders, through the receipt and inspection of the material, to the processing of a complete and full-featured accounts payable system.

MRP 9000 Options
Shop Floor Control: MRP 9000 shop floor control option works as an extension of the make cycle. Physical inventory: The MRP 9000 base system contains complete cycle counting: however, some companies periodically require a complete and auditable physical inventory. Return Material
Authorisation (RMA): The return material authorization (RMA) option provides the capacity for automating the return process.
Engineering Change Order (ECO): The Engineering Change Order (ECO) option is available to those companies that need to track the effects of engineering changes throughout the system.
Quoting: The MRP 9000 option allows you to enter and maintain quotes that may later be converted to sales orders.
Location/Lot Tracking: Location tracking involves maintaining locations for each item. Lot tracking goes to an even greater level of detail, tracking actual lot numbers within each location.

MRP 9000 Documentation
IMS provides extensive documentation, both on-line and in print, for all features of MRP 9000. Detailed documentation allows MRP 9000 users to easily understand the complete functionality of the system. This in-depth documentation, combined with the IMS Customer Care programme, keeps MRP 9000 implementation costs at a minimum. On-line documentation: On-line documentation is available throughout MRP 9000 to walk users through the system. It includes context sensitive (F1 key) help, procedures manual and APICS glossary. Printed documentation: IMS provides several printed manuals to assist users in effectively implementing and using MRP 9000. It includes users manual, implementation manual, options manual and tutorial workbook.

Implementation Services
Low implementation costs are a major reason to consider MRP 9000.
IMS offers comprehensive training courses developed exclusively for MRP 9000 users. IMS corporate trainers are equipped with extensive knowledge not only of MRP 9000 and manufacturing principles, but also of Microsoft products and APICS philosophy. MRP 9000 training courses are offered frequently in a variety of locations to accommodate custom-ers throughout the world.

Technical support
IMS offers a full service customer care support programme. The well-trained staff provides on-going technical support through various maintenance programme options. Technical support is also available through local value added resellers (VARs) and through MRP 9000 certified Implementation Services Providers (ISPs).

Distribution channel
MRP is distributed by a network of Value Added Resellers (VARs) through-out the United States, Canada, and in fourteen additional countries. IMS VARs are well-trained to provide customers with pre and post sales support, and are backed by a team of certified Implementation Services Providers to ensure professional and successful implementations at every customer site. MRP 9000 is currently available in French, Chinese, Thai and Finnish, with localisation efforts for various other languages currently underway.

The Company behind the product
Intuitive Manufacturing Systems, Inc was established in 1994 to develop and market MRP 9000. Based on a time-tested and proven APICS design, MRP 9000 became the flagship product for IMS, providing an affordable, PC-based system for small to medium sized manufacturers. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is not only the worldwide leader in software for personal computers, but has positioned itself as the premium provider of cutting-edge technology for the manufacturing industry. By integrating systems from the plant floor to the boardroom on a single platform that is secure and reliable, Microsoft Windows NT and its client/server architecture provide open access to accurate, real-time production and business information. Microsofts dedication to the manufacturing industry is paying off as Windows NT was the No1 shipping server operating system in 1996.

Case Study- Ace Designers
Ace Designers, a design consultancy firm at the behest, grew to become Indias leading manufacturer of CNC lathes and auto lathes. Ace realised that computerisation was essential and decided to embrace an MRP solution to counter obstacles caused by its phenomenal growth. After a comprehensive survey of the MRP market, the company zeroed down on one MRP solution: MRP 9000. Pre-MRP 9000: The infrastructure of the company consisted of 10 computers of 286, 386 and 486 configurations. Mainly DOS-based with a few computers working on Windows 3.11 individual packages for purchase and stores functions and Fox-Pro based system for shop floor control.
Posted : 10/26/2005

Manufacturing Management And Accounting System