Power LEDs for Architecture, Auto & Signage Industry
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Power LEDs for Architecture, Auto & Signage Industry
Article Introduction
With power leds all geared up to revolutionise the lighting systems, they are drawing a lot of attention from architects, interior/exterior lighting designers and automobile lighting designers. This article attempts to throw light on how these power leds can be best put to use for lighting home, external features, automobiles and signages.

Article Description
Power LEDs Architectural Lighting
Lighting has the power to enhance the looks of a feature. In this regard, if the enhancement is coupled with a maintenance free and long life installation, it calls for some attention. Power LEDs in the context of architecture need a mention thanks to:
-Saturated colour that can generate a stronger perceived effect than a traditional source, with far less power consumption
- Since LEDs do not generate any directly radiated UV or heat they are suited to lighting of heritage buildings and vegetation with no risk of damage
-Rugged and vibration proof
-Long life, which has the potential to dramatically reduce maintenance, costs, especially in difficult-to-approach places.
Following are some application of power LEDs in architectural lighting:
Pedestrian and Guidance Lighting
Marker and floodlights have been very popular in recent years with designers wanting to achieve clean lines and minimise the appearance of exterior lighting Fixtures. Unfortunately, due to constant issues of water ingress, maintenance and the heat of the glass, they have not been so popular with others LEDs are a natural solution to his issue and because of low heat production and long life they can be effectively sealed for the life of the installation.

Dynamic and Interactive Lighting
LEDs offer us exciting possibilities; they allow us to play with light in a way that we never have before. Power EDs can be used in lighting dance floors, concert spot lighting, as they are capable of showing multiple colours in a compact device.

Places with Limited Access
LEDs can be a huge help in areas we now find difficult and/or costly to install and maintain lighting objects such as bridges, high structures and obstruction lighting. They can be sealed for use, submerged in water like in swimming pools or in very cold environments. One very obvious application area for these Power LEDs is home lighting and landscape lighting where they can be used to enhance features.
Power LEDs and Automobile Lighting
Power LEDs give you the power to define the look of automotive lighting.
-Interior lighting
-Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)
-Centre high mount stoplights (CHMSL)
-Rear combination lamps (RCL)
-Front turn signals
-Side-repeater lamps
-Emergency vehicle lighting
-Truck and bus lighting

Following are some reasons that make power LEDs a definite YES for automobile lighting:

Better Styling Flexibility and Space Saving
Small size per LED emitter allows the stylist much more flexibility in hi< design. Using several small LEDs instead one large bulb and a bulb reflector allows the stylist to design unique and facilitates the signal lamp to conform to he curved surface or corners of the sheet metal. The small footprint and thin design allows an LED assembly to it into areas that traditional bulbs cannot, refilling in a noticeable increase in useable space.

Increased Safety
LEDs turn on instantly, i.e. they can achieve full brightness instantly unlike their filament counterparts, reducing braking response time by 2/10th of a second. That means five extra meters of stopping distance at highway speeds. LED turn signals demand more attention since they have a very crisp on-off blink, rather than the filaments lazy flutter-like flash that has been standard since taillights were implemented. LEDs not only have a wide angle of illumination, which increases visibility from all directions for added safety, but also facilitate better vision in poor weather.

Cost Savings
In addition to helping reduce the costs of chassis fittings, the LED design enables high-speed manufacturing processes to be used in assembly. With 1/10th the power consumption of conventional bulb designs. LEDs offer reduced energy consumption and cost savings for the car user. Due to their vehicle-lifetime reliability, LEDs eliminate the need for incandescent-bulb warranty replacement, resulting in additional cost savings for the car.

Inline with Standard Reliability Standards
LEDs even meet stringent automotive reliability requirements. They are becoming popular both in interior and exterior automotive applications. Inside, they are illuminating car dashboards, navigation systems, switches, radios, displays and indicators. Outside, they are used in tail and stop lights, as direct indicators, side markers and rear fog lights.

Long Life
Because they last 100 times longer than an incandescent bulb, outliving their host vehicle, they can be installed and forgotten! Each light-emitting diode in the cluster is guaranteed for an astounding 100.000 hours of continuous burn time or over 11 years of constant use.

Power LED Signages and Channel Lettering
Power LEDs are also being extensively used in signages and hoardings and backlighting for consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones and electronic games in the form of LED strips/modules. Power LEDs are extremely bright allowing easy viewing even from a distance of 50 feet. Their long life and maintenance-free aspect drives their usage in signages, as these signages are difficult and expensive to replace once installed. These signages also come with low operating cost and less power consumption.
Posted : 8/12/2005

Power LEDs for Architecture, Auto & Signage Industry