Carpets: Making the perfect choice
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Carpets: Making the perfect choice
Article Introduction
A carpet or a rug is a long-term investment. Like furniture, a carpet isnt changed too often. An area rug adds colour and beauty to your home.

Article Description
Carpet acts as a barrier to heat, cold and sound. Before choosing your carpet, you must decide on the colour, fiber choice and texture; you desire. Before buying reflect on -

Wool quality:
The cost of the wool can range from Rs 150 to Rs 300 per kg. Feel the softness of the wool; the softer the wool, the better the quality of the carpet. Machine spun wool is not as soft or as good as handspun one. If you are buying a silk carpet, make sure you dont buy artificial silk. Manmade silk is made from wood pulp, which is similar to rayon. Natural silk, on the other hand, is a natural fibre, which will last much longer.

Bedrooms often have less traffic and would be an ideal choice for lighter colours. For a childs playroom, a darker shade would be more suitable. If the carpet has added-in features such as stain resistance, lighter colours can be used even in areas of high activity. When looking at colours, check out large carpet samples. Colour intensifies in larger areas. Take the samples home and place them in the room to be carpeted. Look at the samples and see how the colours change during different times of the day.

To determine the durability of the carpet that you are considering, look for three basic things: density, twist of the yarn and heat setting. You can check the density by pressing the carpet with your fingers to see how difficult it is to get to the backing. The more backing you see, the less dense the pile, or less threads of yarn per square inch. To check for a good twist, examine the tips of the yarns and make sure that there is no fraying or untwisting of fibres. The tighter the twist, the better traffic the carpeting will withstand.

The type:
Carpet construction varies. It is tufted, woven, needle-punched, or hand knotted. Tufted is less expensive than woven; it is machine-made by weaving the carpet fibres through a backing. Most carpets or rugs today are tufted. Woven carpeting is similar to weaving fabric. Plush, needle-punched carpeting is made by placing layers of carpet fibres on a mesh fabric core and mechanically punching them through with thousands of needles. This results in a carpet that is resistant to water, insects and the sun. Hand knotted carpets are commonly referred to as oriental carpets. Even though they are expensive, they last a long time.
Posted : 8/12/2005

Carpets: Making the perfect choice