Undertaking energy efficiency
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Undertaking energy efficiency
Article Introduction
To make the country energy-efficient and to help the various sectors of the economy achieve the international benchmarks for energy conservation, the bureau of energy efficiency was set up under the energy conservation act 2001.

Article Description
Its mission is to develop policies and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles within the overall framework of the act with the prime objective of reducing the energy intensity of the Indian economy. Energy conservation is quite crucial because the industrial sector alone accounts for 67% of the commercial energy usage, and there is very low awareness of energy conservation in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. BEE has identified a number of thrust areas to promote energy saving in these sectors.

These are Indian energy industries programme for energy conservation, demand side management, standards and labeling, energy efficiency in buildings, energy conservation building codes, professional certification and accreditation, manuals and codes, energy efficiency policy research programme, energy efficiency in schools, and delivery mechanism for energy efficiency services. Also in order to benefit from the international experience in energy conservation, BEE already has three programmes in place. These are Indo-German energy efficiency environment programme, The Green Aid plan (with the government of Japan) and energy efficiency and commercialization (eco) project of USAID.
Posted : 8/18/2005

Undertaking energy efficiency