Evolution in power solutions
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Evolution in power solutions
Article Introduction
By all accounts and predictions the cost of energy will continue to rise further and demand for power and electricity will grow even stronger. The growing concern for power conversation cannot be over stated.

Article Description
Availability and affordability of energy is an essential that the country cannot do without. India must have the means and access to a flexible and reliable supply of power to sustain, improve and build up its economic progress, development and growth. Energy in the form of cheap electricity and power is a de rigueur for feeding our key and critical industries, for driving productivity and output and for enhancing their overall efficiency. Ironically though, the cost of producing, distributing and making energy available to end-users has been on a relentless upward curve and is climbing persistently. By all accounts and predictions the cost of energy will continue to rise further and demand for power and electricity will grow even stronger.

Already in India, the rising demand for energy and for electricity in particular is not able to match its supply and the relationship between its demand and supply is expected to skew even wider apart. The imbalance arising out of such an inverted demand-supply equation in the power sector does not portent well for the future of our countrys economic health and the competitiveness of our industries. Lest this widening gulf between demand and supply of power becomes intractable and the situation spins out of control, the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCI) has embarked on several initiative driver measures not only to firm and minimize loss of power in the course of transmission but also find ways and means to curb our growing consumption of electricity.

Power Grid Corporation is playing a stellar role in helping the power sector in India to move forward even as this sector faces several rising challenges, not the least of which is the question of pushing through and undertaking long pending reforms in the power sector. While PGCI has hit upon and evolved several effective solutions to check and minimize transmission loss of electricity, leading and showing the way to many state-run electricity boards on how to cut down their gaping electricity leakages during transmission, the corporation has also made significant breakthroughs in creating and designing innovative solutions through prudential use and practice of the principles of demand side load optimization.

PGCs power-conserving solutions hold great import, value and significance for hundreds of power sub station; operating in the country. By applying the principles of demand side load optimization as has been demonstrated so efficaciously by Power Grid Jalandhar, other sub stations too can bring down their own levels of power consumptions drastically. Infact practicing demand side load optimization, Power Grid Jalandhar has been able to cut back its energy consumption by 22% as well as reduce its operation and maintenance (0& M) cost by 4.67%. This, it was able to do by mainly adopting automization of its various systems and by using energy saving luminaries.

By adopting similar practices as the one being followed by PowerGrid Jalandhar, other power entities can extract great advantages and benefits of conservation and can become less of energy guzzlers, thus helping the nation to save up on precious natural resources. The sooner other power users adopt this conserving solution, the greater would be the quantum of saved energy, which could then be installed and made available to many more and other industries needing power.
Posted : 8/18/2005

Evolution in power solutions