Smart sensors to avoid uncertain accidents
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Smart sensors to avoid uncertain accidents
Article Introduction
New airbag sensor that can listen and avoid accidents

Article Description
The best way of safe driving is driving without encountering accidents but accidents cannot be completely eliminated, as humans cannot react to an emergency situation within microseconds. So with the advent new technology, engineers are trying to fit devices capable of taking control from driver at crucial juncture. But fitting new complicated devices alone is not going to serve the purpose. This is because understanding or learning to operate these devices with many buttons can prove out to be a tiresome and troublesome business. So using electronics to avoid accidents is not a foolproof idea. However, using electronics with seat belt or airbags is a viable option. To enable the protective functions to be activated quickly, the first step is to recognize the accidents. So at a time when car goes out of control it is very necessary to measure the acceleration within a time frame of less than 3 ms to inflate the side airbag at the right time. Hence acceleration sensors are used to recognize an accident and pressure sensors are fitted into the automobiles for an instant reaction at a time of side impact. Statistics show that air bags reduce the risk of dying in a head-on crash by 30 percent. But along with this advantage, there is a disadvantage caused by airbags like initial expansion of the bag, an unpredictable and violent event, and if an individual happens to be seated too close to the airbag when it is initially triggered there can be serious injury. Hence it is very important for a car to have software that can evaluate situation and accordingly inflate airbags at the right time.

Siemens VDO automotive AG, which has been supplying crash sensors to almost all manufactures the world over since 1996, has developed a sensor that monitors the vibrations in the vehicle chassis. Thus an accident is early assessed in few milliseconds. This allows airbag control unit then triggers the seatbelt tensioner and the airbags are activated.

Engineers have designed this sensor keeping in the mind the fact that vehicle deformation mainly depends upon seriousness and type of accident. So, by incorporating of crash impact sound sensor- CISS with airbag control unit, an assessment of serious accidents can be made and an accident can be avoided. CISS will be fitted, as additional sensors for the first time in 2007.

The incorporation of new sensor with existing device will ensure better safety options to the driver as well as to people sitting inside the car.
Posted : 10/20/2005

Smart sensors to avoid uncertain accidents