Business Articles for Textiles & Leather from India
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Articles on Textiles & Leather
Business Articles for Textiles & Leather from India
Articles on Textiles & Leather
Bridging The Gap In Textile Industry
Ethnic fashions doing its bit to seam the great divide, ensuring survival of rural artisans as we....
Function & Performance Of Afi System In Eous
AFIS, once considered to be exclusive process control equipment, has been effectively used by som....
Energy Competence Development In Medium Spinning M..
By paying attention to important factors like motors efficiency and mill operation, and applying ....
Tensides Result On Diffusion Of Acid Dyes: Amphote..
Non-ionic tensides are better for wool dyeing with acid dye, while anionic tensides are preferab....
Current Advancements In Rapier Weaving Machine
The quick style change system, developed by several rapier weaving machine manufacturers in their....
How To Care For Your Leather Products
Everyone loves it furniture, automotive upholstery, clothes, or what have you. It ju....

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Business Articles for Textiles & Leather from India